Order the print book now for $25 $20 with FREE SHIPPING! The sale will last through September 30th, but there is a limited quantity of signed copies available, so don’t wait to order yours! Want to buy *just* the e-book? It is also 20% off through the end of September. Get it on Ravelry for $18 $14.40 – no code necessary.

Inspired by the landscape and history of the region, Midwestern Knits brings you thirteen patterns that tell the stories of the people who live here Within you’ll find designs built from the memories of days spent camping with Grandpa as a child in Michigan and exploring the limestone cliffs on the shores of Door County, Wisconsin. You’ll see patterns inspired by the twisting downtown ramps of the Minneapolis roadways, the mesmerizing tranquility of The Third Coast, and the clever way a “Michigander” will tell you where she’s from! Our designers share with you the simple charm of America’s heartland with this uniquely Midwestern pattern collection.Bare Naked Wools, Brown Sheep, Knits in Class, Lorna’s Laces, Mrs. Crosby Plays, Nerd Girl Yarns, The Plucky Knitter, Stonehedge Fiber Mill, and Three Irish Girls. The collection features original patterns from designers Adrienne Larsen, Ann Weaver, Emily Ringelman, Hope Vickman, Jennifer Waterbury Beaumont, Laura Hulslander, Laura Ricketts, Melynda Bernardi, Sara Gresbach, as well as editors Allyson and Carina.

Our mutual love of the often overlooked region made this book possible and we hope the designs and stories within give you a glimpse at why we are proud to say, “Midwest is best.”

sample pages from the 112 page book

Orders from the week ship each Friday from Kansas City, Missouri.

Would you like to carry Midwestern Knits in your shop?

We offer wholesale pricing to shops on print books with a minimum 3 book purchase. Send an email to allyson@thesweatshopoflove.com with the name and location of your shop and we will be in touch with wholesale ordering information!

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